About Me


Hello! I am a natural light photographer based in Napa, CA. Due to the tremendous natural surroundings, I can often be found traipsing around town, trusty Nikon in hand. I’ve been photographing one thing or another since I was 14 years old, and first discovered how much I loved hearing the ‘click’ of the shutter, and the excitement of seeing how things developed (pun intended!). Many iterations and years later, I’ve settled into a style I enjoy.

I strive for a journalistic, playful style that takes in the natural light and surroundings, as well as the personalities of my clients. I prefer to shoot around my subjects while they “do their thing”, as it creates the most true-to-you images! With a 7 year old around the house, I’ve gotten used to hanging out in stealth mode with my camera, waiting in the backyard while my son pretends he’s Buster Posey (Go Giants!).

In my spare (ha!) time I can be found hiking with my husband and our two boys, teaching yoga (http://michelledicksonyoga.com) and reading through the stacks of books piled beside my bed.

Where should I point the lens next? Contact me!